The Company

Display Imóveis Ltda., which is now well established in the market, has been efficiently offering all the techinal, startegic and legal support you need since 1995.

Thanks to its experience, efficiency, and active performance in the real estate market, Display Imóveis enables you to make the appropriate decisions as to the ideal investment for your capital. Display Imóveis makes use of the most advanced resources available in an effort to meet the high expectations of its clients. In addition, we rely on various partnerships with other well renowned companies in the real estate market, in order to broaden our scope of action assuring the satisfaction of our clients: companies in the areas of construction, real estate evaluation, legal advisory, insurance, publicity, amongst others. We are registered with Internet portals specializing in real estate as well as other electronic, print and outdoor media.

Display Imóveis takes part in the Programa de Qualidade Essencial "PQE" (Essential Quality Program) of Secovi since its foundation, and has all of its properties registered with Planeta Imóveis and Portal Alto Padrão portals guaranteeing the quality of our service.

Now that you are aware of some of the advantages that Display Imóveis has to offer, contact us so that we can present you with the best solution for you or your company!